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Leaky Teacup Media Pack

Here you can find our brandings such as logos, colour pallet and font use. Please note that this is for official business only such as for suppliers, trade partners, news outlets and social media.


Under UK law, the creation of a logo instantly designates its position as a copyrighted entity - therefore it cannot be used for any other business except the use of Leaky Teacup LTD and its original designer FireStudios.

We ask where possible to use the vectorised (SVG )logos as these will retain quality. 

The Primary colour we use is Green (#405A35), to contrast this we use white and black along with an adjacent colour of Soft Orange (#DDA15E)

Where possible the Leaky Teacup should be represented by its Primary Logo, however for some uses, the secondary logo may be more fitting on media such as letterheads. The icon is best reserved for the identification of admins as well as the website Favicon.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo


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