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Who is the Leaky Teacup?

Who is the Leaky Teacup?

Established in December 2019, the Leaky Teacup is a gluten-free tea shop in Retford - North Nottinghamshire.

My daughter and I are intolerant to gluten; we struggled to find anywhere to eat when I worked in Retford and constantly had cross-contamination issues.

We knew there must be others in the same boat so that is where we started... A zero Gluten cafe meaning that no one else in the area offers the safety that we do.

As we went on, we found that more people were drawn to our new-age aesthetic. Being a fan of board games we thought it would be ideal to create a safe space for like-minded people to play whilst in a cafe setting. We hope to expand these nights in the future as well as hosting live music and the return of our Seasonal Makers Market

Unlike a lot of tea shops, we also offer the ability to purchase the full range of tea we sell in-store along with ornaments such as the Nemesis Now range, fragrances, Incense, and homeware.

Please see our video with The Izzys to get a bit more of a feel of who we are and why you should really be joining the Leaky Family

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